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Like the popular philosopher and poet of China, Lao Tzu said, ” A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step; people need just that moment to take a decision on how to handle their hard-earned money “. What is the answer you get when you ask yourself the question, Am I getting the best out of my money? If you are stuck, we are here to help! We help individuals maximise the value of their wealth by providing customised advice, as each individual has specific needs and every client at Grow Wealth is a special individual.


If your money is lying idle in savings account fetching you a nominal rate of return we will advise you to park that money in a different option which is similar to your savings bank account but fetch you a better rate of return.

We will guide you on suitable life and health insurance policy required for you and your loved ones by advising a right mutual fund.

We will recommend a diversified portfolio which will give you better returns, post adjustment for inflation and tax.

We will help you to plan for your goals like going for a vacation, buying a bigger car or buying a holiday home.

We will suggest investments which will help you to save taxes.

We will help you plan for your retirement.

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