Here is a wise and prudent method to select the right mutual fund house and their schemes

There are 5 P’s of mutual fund selection process.1) PEOPLE a) How stable is the fund management teamb)What is the total experience of the team.c) Does the fund manager inspire confidence.2) PHILOSOPHY ADOPTEDa) It is a value fund, growth fund or a blend?b) Have the funds stick to its mandate.c) Is the chosen philosophy meeting my […]

Ten reasons why you need a financial planner

Let us begin with understanding what a financial plan is and what it can do for you. A financial plan enables you to construct a roadmap to achieve all the financial goals and unforeseen needs that may arise in one’s lifestyle. It ensures that you are well equipped to deal with dynamically changing circumstances such […]

Why investments are necessary

We all have dreams and we are always striving to make these dreams turn into reality. All through our life we have to pass through various events like childs education, childs marriage, purchase of house, planning for a vacation, retirement etc. No matter whatever our financial positions, we all try to make sure that our […]

11 Myths of Investment

Myth 1 People who earn more are rich Myth 2 Some asset classes do not have cycles Myth 3 I should follow experts on TV to create wealth Myth 4 Markets react to current events Myth 5 Buy equities: Everyone is recommending Myth 6 Negative SIP returns is always bad news Myth 7 Timing is […]

8 Benefits from Investing in Mutual funds

Portfolio diversification: Elders have always told us Do not keep all eggs in one basket ; in other words keep your investments in different investment baskets i.e diversify. Diversification means spreading out money across many different types of investments. When the value of one investment is down, the value of the other might go up. […]

7 Golden rules for investments

Any time is a good time to invest : It is not when but if you invest or not that counts. Do not play the waiting game to enter the market longing for the right time as you may end up losing opportunities. Start early to create wealth: Even a few years can make a […]

Benefits of investing early

A businessman called his twin sons, Ajay and Vijay, who are about to turn 25 the next month, to his office.He offers them Rs.10000/- as pocket money every month and leaves them with the choice of how they would want to use this money.He gives them one piece of advice .” My sons, always remember […]